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Our Story

New Direction Foods is founded by an award-winning food scientist. After spending over a decade working with some of the world's biggest food companies, he decided that he wanted to found a company that would take a "new direction" when it comes to food innovation.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Industry Disruptors

NDF started with a proprietary product concept that provided a completely new and efficient way to develop ice creams--better tasting, better for you, and at a fraction of the cost of industrial options on the market. Now we boast a state-of the-art factory, numerous patents, four proprietary ice cream brands (and growing) in 30+ SKUs sold in over 5,000 retail outlets.

Working Coffee

Product Launch Experts

We know that when launching a new product, it's hard to find contract manufacturers that are willing to do small batch or trial runs.
We know agencies charge astronomical prices for protocepts.
That’s why we’re proud to lead the next evolution by allowing entrepreneurs to create their own unique innovations.
Our award-winning founders have extensive industry experience and are committed to supporting up-and-coming food startup in any stage of development.

Baking Ingredients

Work With Us

Have an idea? We are here to help! No idea is too big or too small.

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